I cannot thank you enough. I/we don’t travel that much but over the last few years we have found no one who could provide the customer service we thought we deserved.

When we began planning this honeymoon I cannot tell you the fear I had in finding someone who could “put it all together” and work with us. I never thought a search on the internet would land someone like you.

I personally visited the two “best” travel agencies in my town and were terribly disappointed. I would imagine my praise for you will only increase after the trip. Your work on this particular trip has secured two customers for life. Any friend or colleague who needs travel help will surely get your number from me. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted this trip to be and I would say we came about as close as we could to living that idea out.  It really made us appreciate traveling.  We need to see more of this beautiful world.  We will use you for all our future travel plans.  I hope my comments about the different locations help you with recommendations.

By Brian and Crystal from Washigton DC