Kate from Prestige Travel Group, a family for Thailand, 2008

Just had to share – I sent very good clients (but tough and particular ones) on a family trip to Thailand – 2 adults and 2 teens. They went over New Year’s and it was a very custom trip with stops in Bangkok, internal flights, Chang Mai with elephant riding etc, etc. My client reported in today and they had a fabulous time! Everything went so well and they felt so taken care of. But the best was – they went to a special dinner and Thai Cultural Show the last night since they had a 1 am flight home.  The husband (sorry guys) lost one of the 4 passports but they didn’t know it until they got to the airport – long story short – he left with one of the daughters and their guide who had stayed with them all the way to the airport to be sure they got off safely, took the wife back to where the show was held with the daughter whose passport was missing. The theatre was closed, she got it unlocked, got assistance in the 2000 seat theatre to find the passport and rushed them back – and they made their flight with 2 minutes to spare! If they had been without this wonderful guide they wouldn’t have made it home. The story gave me goosebumps, so I had to share. I have had such success with using Sophia for trips to Europe but this was my first for an exotic location. She’s been a great resource. (I can’t wait to post the elephant pictures on my testimonial page of my web-site)