Hi Sophia-

Everything was wonderful. Here’s the honest feedback and please know I’m incredibly appreciative of all your help.

Upon Arrival- we were greeted by a young lady named Ellie. She had our name, and was waiting right near baggage. She spendt 4+ hours driving us all around Barcelona, great photo opps, and gave us tremendous insight on things to do and see. She was a 10+ on a 1-10 scale.

Hotel Condes in Barcelona was fabulous. Very central location, very nice, everything was terrific.

Hotel La Nina in Sitges- was not a 4 star hotel. Not being critical, just honest. The beach and the city were beautiful. Hotel, had inadequate parking, very expensive, room was tiny and the a/c didn’t work. Hotel is very dated, and while clean it was not a nice hotel.

Rental car was perfect.

Overall, everything was GREAT. We (Angie and I) laughed off the hotel room, and agreed we’d spend very little time there, but that was literally the only portion of the whole trip that wasn’t exceptional. All else in Spain was breathtaking. Beautiful cities, great car rental experience, and Barcelona hotel was fabulous.

Thank you so much. I would gladly recommend you for anything to anyone. J

DH 4/2017