I and everyone in the group greatly enjoyed our trip to Russia!  Our two guides, Lina and Anya, are the embodiment of professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy.  Moreover, our two drivers, Valeri and Sergei, were also prompt and professional.  We could not have asked for a better group of individuals to help us along in our journey!

As the only one in our group to have made a previous visit to your country back in July 1992, I can attest to the fact that much has changed since those very difficult and heady days.  It gratified me to see that the material condition of most people I saw and met has improved from those tumultuous times.  Though much still needs to be done, I am pleased to see that the chaos and uncertainty of those times seems to be at an end.

Speaking for myself, I am interested in someday making a return visit to the Russian Federation; only this time desiring to visit the Russian far east-particularly the Kamchakta peninsula and the immense and unspoiled nature there as well as Lake Baikal.  Any feedback you may be able to provide regarding any suggested itinerary and prices would be most appreciated.

I thank you and your staff, both here and in Russia, for your effort and assistance.   Das Veedanya!

By John K., party of 4, IL, FL, NY, MA ·