As you know, everything is connected. So what happens when you want to experience an adventure in Russia and the Ukraine combining Jewish heritage and Russian historical and cultural sites?

Easy question to answer. You contact Sophia Kulich and give her the outline of your dream trip. Then sit back and let her perform her planning magic.

Sophia held our hands through the maze of Russian bureaucracy (government visas, currency exchange, etc.); reserved top-notch, hospitable hotels in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev; collaborated with tour operators in Russia and Ukraine as well as our personal travel consultant in the United States; established a meaningful itinerary and, in addition, exposed us to must-see historical gems; and, most importantly, selected and vouched for extremely well-versed, English-speaking guides, all steeped in education and knowledge.

As several months went by before the trip, Sophia continued to hone the itinerary, improve an already detailed schedule, and constantly updated us with travel tidbits and important salient facts. She is efficient, dependable and professional.

As veteran global travelers, we have experienced many adventures–and a very few misadventures–and can easily state: “Our customized, private tour of Russia and Ukraine, as developed by Sophia Kulich, ranks as one of our finest and memorable travel adventures.

Would we contact Sophia again to piece together another one-of-a-kind experience? Absolutely yes, in a New York (ooops, Russian) second.

Bruce and Eve W , CA