Prague City stay, sightseeing and experiences

Prague  Sightseeing  These are just ideas, contact us to organize your city stay. Here, the last 1,000 years of triumphs in art and architecture have collided, often violently, with power..

Prague  Sightseeing 

These are just ideas, contact us to organize your city stay.

Here, the last 1,000 years of triumphs in art and architecture have collided, often violently, with power politics and religious conflicts. While Bohemia has been the fulcrum of wars over the centuries, it has settled into a post-Cold War peace, spiked with a rough transition to a capitalist economy.

While Prague’s rich collection of Gothic, baroque, and Renaissance buildings has stood stoically through all the strife, the streets and squares fronting the grand halls have often been the stages for tragedy. The well-worn cobblestones have felt the hooves of kings’ horses, the jackboots of Hitler’s armies, the heaving wheels of Soviet tanks, and the shuffling feet of students in passive revolt.

Prague’s most intriguing aspects are its architecture and atmosphere, best enjoyed while slowly wandering through the city’s heart. So, with that in mind, your itinerary should be a loose one. If you have the time and energy, go to Charles Bridge at sunrise and then at sunset to view the grand architecture of Prague Castle and the Old Town skyline. You’ll see two completely different cities.

Below you find some tours we provide for our clients in Prague and suggested itineraries. These are available private and in groups. Private tours can be done any time when sites are open and clients are picked up an dropped off at their hotel.

Beer Walk, 3 hrs 

This is a great opportunity to make new friends from every corner of the globe, in some of the oldest pubs in Prague.

Beer, or Pivo as the Czech call it, has been part of life in the Czech nation ever since we can remember. Czech people are the invincible world champions, not only in the production of beer, but also in the consumption of this delicious golden drink. To convince you of this, we will take you to some old Prague pubs, where you can taste various kinds of beer and some real Czech specialities. Listen, in hidden pubs, to our special beer-guide, about many interesting stories about life in Prague and its inhabitants and how Czechs set the world record in beer drinking.

Includes: Service of a local guide, one course dinner and 3 beers.

Not suitable for children under 21.

Discovering Prague Walking Tour, 4 hrs 

Get a great first impression of Prague with this tour that will quickly give you an orientation of the city.

This walk includes a thousand years of history, architecture and stories. Visit the oldest and most interesting parts of Prague such as Charles Bridge, Lesser Square, Prague Castle with its Royal Garden and St. Vitus Cathedral, Jewish Town and Old Town. You will see the famous Astrological Clock, which has been measurung time in Prague for six centuries, in good and bad times. You will be told of the best clubs, bars and the latest cultural events. You will get a great introduction to the most important sights in the historical centre of Prague.

Includes: Services of a local guide, 1 tram ticket and a panoramic map.

Evening Vltava River Cruise with Dinner – available in a group only, 3hrs 

Enjoy Prague from a different perspective on board one of our cruises along the Vltava.

If you have a free evening in Prague accept our invitation for an evening cruise along the Vltava. We take you to the boat where you will spend 3 pleasant hours. A buffet dinner is included and you will listen to live music aboard while enjoying Prague’s monuments from a different perspective! See Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, the National Theater, Old Castle Vysehrad and other important sights from the River.

Includes: Cruise, Buffet dinner and welcome drink

Starts daily at 18:45

Franz Kafka’s Prague and Charles Bridge, 2hrs

Get to know the work and life of one of the most famous Prague locals, Franz Kafka, with our walking tour through the Old Town.

Franz Kafka is one of the outstanding Prague locals. Life and work of this world-famous Jewish writer was closely connected to Prague at the turn of 19th and 20th century. If you decide to join us for this tour you will not only learn more about magical writer Franz Kafka but you will also get more familiar with the romantic nooks of the Old Town and Jewish Town and you will also have a stroll over Charles Bridge. At the end of the tour our guide will accompany you to Franz Kafka museum enabling you to get a reduced entrance fee.

Includes: Service of a local guide and reduced entrance fee to Franz Kafka museum.

Ghostly Prague Walking Tour, 1hr 15 min 

Listen to some great stories of ghosts and myths while quietly walking through the dark streets of Prague.

Prague is full of old legends, mysteries and ghost stories. In the night beware, for a surprise awaits you around every corner. If you are not careful or watchful you could find yourself face to face with the headless horsemen. As we walk quietly throught the dark streets you will hear the myths surrounding the skeleton on the Astronomical Clock, the elves in the Burgrave House, why the dishonest shopkeeper was drowned, enchanted policeman, and maybe, if you are not so lucky you could get a glimpse of the bloody Headman’s sword. However do not be afraid, we will give you advise, in a pub at the end of the tour, on how to protect yourself against them.

Includes: Service of a local guide, a soft drink or a beer.

Starts: daily 20:00

Prague Castle Walking tour 2hrs

Step back into history and visit the unique group of buildings that make up Prague Castle, that for eleven centuries has dominated over the Vltava River.

From Charles Bridge you will walk into the historical atmosphere of Lasser Quarter from where you will take a short picturesque tram ride to Prague Castle, the symbol of Czech culture and history. It has a life of its own, as it has withheld its grandeur throughout a turbulent history. It has shared the fortunes of the Czech Country, as a seat of the Czech rulers and now as a seat of the Presidents. During the whole of its existence Prague Castle has seen the rise and fall of generations. You will also see St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace, St. Georges Basilica, the Royal Garden and other great sights. Includes: Services of a local guide.

Two Days Cesky Krumlov Tour

Enjoy two days in the renaissance treasure of South Bohemia, Cesky Krumlov, also an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Depart from Prague for 2 days visiting the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov situated in southern Bohemia, which still retains its medieval character. Once there you will visit the mighty Renaissance castle (once the seat of the powerful Lords of the Rozmberks and the Schwarzenberg) , which houses rich collections of period furniture, Flamish tapestries and historical weapons. You will then visit its unique baroque theatre. There are only two theatres of this kind, here and in Sweden at the royal palace Drottningholm, that have been preserved in such an untouched baroque originality and authenticity. After lunch you will be taken to your hotel and have the afternoon free for leisure. The guide will suggest then the options available for the evening programme (own expense) and also for the following day where you can choose one of the following: brewery with beer tasting, graphite mine, city centre sightseeing, historical raft cruise in the centre of Cesky Krumlov or the Castle in Hluboka and Vltavou. On the following day depart to undertake your chosen option and enjoy a few more hours in South Bohemia. You will return back to Prague by late afternoon, or continue to Vienna. It is a great place for stopover.

Grand City Tour, Prague Castle and Boat Cruise , 3.5hrs

Discover Prague not only by bus and walking but view the architectonic jewel also from the Vltava River with our combined tour!

During this tour we will introduce Prague as a historic and architectonic jewel of Central Europe. Our guide will be with you the whole time, explaining the history of Prague and its neighbourhoods (Old Town, New Town, Lesser Town) during the bus trip. The second part of the tour will take you to Prague castle where you visit the interior of this most important sight of Prague, St Vitus Cathedral. After approximately 60 minutes of guided walking tour you go to the bank of the Vltava River to get on board a boat where you can take a rest and relax admiring the beauties of Prague from a different view. Besides other bridges connecting both the river banks you will see the well known Charles Bridge from the boat. Then continue for a pleasant walk through the Jewish town to the Old Town Square (Prague Astronomical Clock and Tyn Cathedral) where the tour ends.

Includes: Transportation by bus and boat and service of a local guide.

Starts daily: 10:00 and 14:00

Jewish Town Walking Tour, 2.5 hrs 

Enjoy this walking tour that will show you the Jewish Town and the highlights of historical Prague.

The first part begins with a walking tour showing you the highlights of historical Prague while the second part includes a visit to the famous Jewish Quarter, Josefov. Passing by the birth place of Franz Kafka you will enter the original Jewish quarter. You will start getting acquainted with the history of the former Ghetto and the Old New Synagogues and will be shown around the old Jewish cemetery as well as visiting some of the synagogues, such as the Maisel, Pinkas, Klausen and Spanish Synagogues.

Includes: Service of a local guide and entrance to the Jewish Quarter, Jewish cemetery and synagogues.

Daily except Sat. Starts at 15:00

Karlovy Vary, 9.5 hrs

Enjoy this tour of this renowned spa town and take a chance to swim at a spa.

A renowned spa town located in Western Bohemia, gained its reputation thanks to the discovery of hot mineral springs, which date back to the Middle Ages. The waters are used to treat all kinds of disorders. Today there are 12 hot springs in use here, and you get the chance to taste them. The best known springs is named Vridlo, the Sprudel which belches its curative water to a height of 17m. This spa town has also been popular with the production of world famous Bohemian Czech crystal Moser, with local china production know as Karlovarsky porcelain and with production of delicious herb spirit Becherovka. We start a tour of the Becherovka museum, after this you will be able to sample this herbal spirit and then continue for a walk in the city center. After lunch you will be shown around the spa center and for anyone who feels like it, can have a swim in an outdoor swimming pool.

Includes: Transportation, services of a local guide, lunch and entrance fee to Becherovka Museum.

Note: If you wish to swim in the spa please bring your towel and swimsuit with you. Starting from 1st April the visit of the Becherovka museum will no longer be included in this tour.

Starts daily at 8:45

Konopiste and Karlstejn Castles, 8.5 hrs

Get acquainted with the history of two of the very important castles around Prague with this full day tour.

Visit two of the best castles around Prague. Konopiste Castle a lovely hunting castle built in the 14th century, and rebuilt in the 19th century, housing fascinating collections of historical weapons, furniture, paintings and tapestries. Then it’s on to Karlstejn Castle, founded and built by Emperor Charles IV between 1348 – 1355 A.D. as a depository for the Empires coronation jewels and state documents.

Includes: Transportation and services of a local guide. Entrance to one sigthseeing route of the castles and lunch.

Starts: Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun, 9:00

Bohemian Glass Factory, 3.5 hrs

Visit a traditional glass factory where you will have the opportunity to watch the glass-artists at work.

In the Czech Republic there are more than two hundred glassworks where famous crystal glass has been produced over centuries. If you feel like getting to know more about glass and its production, accept our invitation to a prestigious Bohemian glass factory. Here you can witness and admire the craftsmenship of the skilled glassmakers. In the factory grounds there is also a shop where you can buy glass at reasonable prices.

Includes: Transportation and services of a local guide. Admission to the glass factory

Starts: Mon/Wed/Fri at 8:45

Kutna Hora , 5.5 hrs
Enjoy a visit to the ancient mining town Kutna Hora, a UNESCO listed town since 1992.

Thanks to the prosperous silver mines Kutna Hora became, after Prague, the second most important town of the Bohemin Kingdom in the Middle Ages. The increasing wealth and prosperity led to an architectural boom in of the town and gave rise to many beautiful monuments, St Barbara Cathedral, the Italian Court with Royal Mint, the Stone House and other Gothic and Renaissance landmarks. A uniquely amazing sight is the baroque ossuary in nearby Sedlec, decorated with bones of some 40.000 people. The decorations even include human bone chandeliers. Kutna Hora was declared a world heritage site and has been protected by UNESCO since 1992.

Includes: Transportation, service of a local guide, visit to St. Barbara Cathedral, Italian Court and Royal Mint and the Ossuary.

Starts daily except Monday, at 13:00

Pilsen Brewery and Koneprusy Caves, 9hrs 

Take this tour packed with information! Learn all about beer brewing in Pilsen and explore the Koneprusy Caves.

Pilsen is the town where the best known Czech Pilsner Urquell beer has been produced for a long time. In Koneprusy village is the longest karst cave system in Czech Republic. If you decide to join us for this trip, you will enjoy beautiful countryside, then walk through 600 meters of caves. Then you will have a nice lunch and later visit the Pilsen Museum of Beer, where you will learn more about the brewing history of Czech beer. During your brewery excursion you will visit the modern plants where this delicious beer has been bottled as well as historic cellars. There you also sample a beer which has been brewed following an ancient recipe that a lot of worldwide breweries have in vain tried to imitate.

Transportation, service of a local guide, lunch, entrance to Koneprusy caves, the brewery and the brewery museum.

Do not forget to take warmer clothes for the cave tour.

Starts: Wed/Sat at 9:00

Prague by Night – Coach and Cruise in English, 4hrs 

Enjoy the illuminated sights of Prague as you dine in style on board a river cruiser. You will start your evening on board the coach and spend an enjoyable evening driving past some of the illuminated sights of Prague. Then we stop at the Vltava river where we board our cruise boat. On board there will be live music, entertainment and as buffet style dinner is being served, you can admire the sights of Prague by night – the Charles Bridge, the Castle District, the National Theatre and Vysehrad. The cruise lasts 3 hours and afterwards we continue by coach to the most beautiful squares of Prague, the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The tour ends with a transfer back to your hotel. Includes: Transportation by coach and boat, English speaking guide, buffet dinner and welcome drinks onboard the ship.

Starts daily at 18:30

Skoda Car Company Museum and Factory, 5.5 hrs

Learn all about the Skoda Car Company with this interesting tour of the museum and factory!

World known car factory Skoda belongs to the most modern enterprises in the world. It was founded in 1895 in Mlada Boleslav, a town located 55 km from Prague. Being open to the public Skoda is one of few car companies enabling its visitors a unique and rare opportunity to visit its premises and follow its operation. First we will visit the Skoda museum located in the company’s historical buildings. A film and exhibition on the history and development of car production, including displayed cars are presented here, followed by a visit to the factory itself.

Includes: Transportation, service of a local guide, entrance fees to Skoda museum and Skoda factory

Starts: Thur only, 8:45

Surviving the 20th Century Walking Tour, 1.5hrs

Find out how everything came to pass in the Czech Republic during the turbulent 20th century.

From National Street to St. Wenceslaw Square, visiting the places that are most connected with the ups and downs of the last century’s politics, we will tell you stories about the most dramatic moments in Czech history from the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Learn about the First and Second World war, Nazi Gestapo on the streets, the Communist Revolution in 1948, Russian Occupation in 1968, the burning of blacklisted books, why student Jan Palach burned himself alive, the organisation Charta 77 and the unprecedented Velvet Revolution in 1989.

Includes : Service of a local guide, a discount coupon for the Museum of Communism.

Starts daily at 10:00

Terezin Memorial, 5 hrs

Visit this originally built military fortress converted into a Jewish Getto and concentration camp during World War II.

The former garrison town, originally built by Emperor Joseph II as an ingenious military fortress system for the protection of the kingdom at the end of the 18th century, was completely changed into the Jewish Ghetto and a concentration camp during World War II. Better known as Large Fort, the town of Terezin itself was used as a transit camp of Jews from the whole of Europe. Small Fort Terezin was a cruel prison of Gestapo, Reich’s secret police. If you are interested in the history of World War II and the holocaust then join this tour for a visit of the Small Fort Terezin and the museum in the Big Fort.

Includes: Transportation, services of a local guide and entrance fee.

Starts : Daily at 9:00

The Best of Prague Walking Tour, 6hrs

An ideal experience for all those who want to see the heart of Europe and get a good picture of Prague’s rich history.

A thousand years of history awaits you as Prague has seen many revolutionary turns and unexpected events. Walk in the footsteps of old and hear from our experienced and educated guides, fascinating and real stories, which happened inside the walls and buildings that we pass. You will walk across Charles Bridge to the Lesser Town and then by tram to Prague Castle. You will stop for a coffee break before going to the Jewish Quarter and the Old Town. Next you are invited to a typical Czech restaurant for an enjoyable lunch. Towards the end of the tour you will have a look back at Prague from another perspective, aboard a boat as you enjoy a relaxing ride on the Vltava river.

Services of a local guide, panoramic map, 1 tram ticket, lunch with drink (soft drink or beer), boat ride with drink (soft drink or beer) and cake or ice cream.

Starts daily at 10:00

These sightseeing are part of our Prague package, customized for each client.