Norway private tour – following in the footsteps of Frozen

This delightful family itinerary is inspired by Disney's movie Frozen. Families enjoy beautiful Norwegian landscapes, storybook villages, mystical fjords, follow footsteps of Anna and Elsa in fairytale kingdom of Arendelle.

Day 1.

Arrival in Oslo. Get to the hotel, check in. Meeting your group leader and a group. Time at leisure in Oslo. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2.

The entire day will be dedicated to getting acquainted with the Norwegian capital. Discover landscapes and surroundings of Oslo that have been a source of inspiration to many animation movie directors and scriptwriters. Make a visit to the famous Akershus Fortress that was used as a prototype for Arendelle creation. Just there you will see tiny ponds that may remind you of workers who used to cut there ice blocks in the film “Frozen”.

Our guide will take you through all stories and let you explore hidden gems of the city that are directly connected to “Frozen”. Eventually, you will end up at Folkemuseet to immerse into a wonderful atmosphere of the past, like in fairy tales. You will see there northern building techniques dating back to as early as the 11th century. Many buildings at the museum have been preserved with love and care for centuries and were brought from different parts of Norway. You will have a lunch at a cozy café in Folkemuseet followed by a free time to explore Oslo on your own and find a perfect place for a dinner. Your experienced and knowledgeable guide will recommend places to go. Optionally Ice Bar and Xperia Northern Lights can be visited.


Day 3. 

You will start a journey in the morning with a famous Valdresflya road – a scenic route that will take you to a very famous Norwegian National Park, the area offers nature at its peak, where you can touch the sky. While entering the highlands of Norway – the Home of Giants, an obvious change of landscape may be noticed. You will pass 1300 m above sea level, or almost 4000 feet. There will be neither forest, nor trees, only you and the mountains.

As soon as you approach the Jotunheimen National Park, it will take you no effort to realise changes in a wildlife and if you are lucky enough, you might even spot beautiful reindeers that populate this most southern area of Norway.

You will make several stops to take photos of the fantastic sceneries that we’ll be passing during the trip, and you will have a chance to taste some of Norwegian specialties at a lovely farm. There will be a lunch stop too. Upon arrival to a destination, you may visit a famous stave church. You will be accomodated in a unique hotel that has a long tradition of welcoming and taking care of travellers and mountaineers.

Day 4. 

Fuel yourself up with a tasty and rich breakfast before departing for a full day activities. The journey will begin with a drive to the foot of the Galdhøpiggen Mount. During the trip you will learn about the region’s traditions and nature. There will be a chance to visit the magnificent glaciers before they are totally melted and disappeared. At the end of the tour, you will walk through the man-made 70-meter long ice tunnel designed by an artist Peder Istad and carved in the 7000year-old ice.

After a lunch break on the nature, family rafting or ducking as water adventures will be waiting for you at beautiful Norwegian landscapes and fast streams.

Back to the hotel, dinner at the restaurant.

Day 5. 

After breakfast you will drive to the most beautiful Norwegian city – Alesund –  thus finally reaching the west coast of Norway. The road will lie across the mountains again, and it might even snow around. On the way you may wish making a stop to play snowballs or make your own Olaf!  Waterfalls are common in this area, and one is more spectacular than the other.  Nowadays some of them are used for power supply in Norway. You will have a stop at a very impressive and stunning waterfall in the region of Sogn og Fjordane.

The next stop will be at idyllic spot, where you can use a cable car to get to the top of a mountain and get an awesome view of the city, mountains, fjords, and have a lunch at a café right on the top! After lunch resume your journey to Ålesund while marveling at breathtaking views of the fjords and landscapes. If you look attentively at the sea, there is a good chance to spot dolphins and whales.

In the afternoon you will arrive to the destination – a true gem on the crown of Norway and the prize for true travellers who eager to see something very special. The city is built on the sea and all surrounded by mountains. After hotel check-in, RIB boats will be waiting to take you for a wildlife safari! This tour is a great deal of adrenaline combined with sightseeing and storytelling in the fjords. Your captain will narrate you the stories of local adventure and you should surely bring your camera to capture the beauty of local places. You will also visit a seal colony and Runde Island, known as a home to over 500,000 birds and puffins.

Back to the hotel, dinner at the hotel.

Day 6.

Today you will visit an old farm, located at an altitude of 225 meters above the sea level. There is no road but only a negligible path – this could remind you of Anna from “Frozen”, who tried to get to Elsa and struggled against the elements of the nature.

At this farm you will get introduced to an everyday life of the place a century ago and what challenges were faced by an area inhabitants of those times. There was neither electricity, nor easy access to elevators… Local people had to put ropes around their children to secure them falling off the cliffs. Alternatively, you can decide to explore the city on your own, instead of heading to the farm together with the group.

After visiting the farm you will get back to the city and may have an afternoon at leisure or join the

Ålesund guided tour.

Diner at the idyllic restaurant in the city.

In the morning departure from Ålesund to Geiranger. You will  drive to a secret location that very few people know about. Having already seen fjords and waterfalls, now it’s the time to explore a stop by a beautiful and very special lake that keeps a secret. If you pay enough attention, you will notice the remainings of houses at the bottom of the lake that cannot be hidden by the crystal clear water. Our guide will take you through the story that opens a curtain of the lake’s mystic.

Day 7. 

You will also see beautiful wild green valley. All this ends up at Hjørund fjord, which widely considered to be the most gorgeous fjord on the planet Earth. You will continue the journey with a ferry cruise from Hellesylt to Geiranger enjoying spectacular views of Norwegian wonders of Geiranger that is being recognized as the most beautiful fjord cruise. Arrival to the picturesque village well protected against the elements. The villages in this area had often been  isolated in winter, as they could only be reached by a boat that is not an option with a frozen water. Hotel check-in and overnight at Geiranger.

Day 8.


After breakfast a comfortable coach will be waiting to take you to Otta – a small Norwegian town, where you will take a train for a relaxing journey back to Oslo, enjoying beautiful views.

Upon arrival to the hotel and some free time you will have a gala dinner at Frognerseteren, a spectacular historical place on the highest hill of Oslo and while driving there, you will see a figure of a Troll, sitting on the hill and greeting travellers. Special and delicious dinner will be served at the restaurant, and professional musicians dressed in traditional Norwegian costumes will play for you.

Overnight in Oslo.


Day 9.

This is a departure day and a time to say goodbye to Norway. However, you can prolong your vacation by staying few extra days in the Norwegian capital.

Thank you and we hope to see you back soon!

This is a suggested itinerary, customized for each client. Prices on request.