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Introducing Guide in Lisbon – Patricia Madeira and her tours (Called by British and American friends Pats)

Lisbon with Pats – Lisbon Tailored Tours for Every Imaginable Interest.

Pats always loved to travel and through her journeys made a lot of friends.

Over the years, those friends, national and international, and friends of friends have asked her where to go, shop or dine in Lisbon for a truly authentic experience.

Pats discovered not only did they appreciate her tours and recommendations; she really enjoyed the experience of guiding people through the city, sharing her abiding love, knowledge and appreciation for a place so rich in culture and history.

So Lisbon with Pats was born, and Pats is happy to share with travellers the richness and authenticity of the city, that she so much loves.

What does Lisbon with Pats offer?

Lisbon with Pats creates personalized tours in Lisbon according to the visitor’s interests, preferences and tastes. Combine that with Pats extensive local knowledge and a will to research further, it’s a great formula for a unique, fun and memorable experience.

Each itinerary is bespoke. So, depending on the visitors’ request, either history, monuments, art, photography, food and wine or shopping, just to name a few, she creates an itinerary that is unique for that person or small group of people.

Being a long time resident, Pats will introduce the visitors to Lisbon’s many secrets and stories that are not seen, told or available to the casual visitor/tour, through itineraries that are tailored, depending on which cultural ingredients are available.

What can do on Lisbon with Pats tour?

Sight seeing – Castles, Palaces, Monasteries, Monuments, River Tagus, Viewpoints among several landmarks

Visit unique historical and cultural sites across this ancient city

The Hidden Gems of Lisbon – and there are hundreds!

Food & wine experiences – a palate changing experience

Cultural events – Exhibitions, Concerts, Workshops

Shopping – the best places to get special articles

Some of the themes approached on Lisbon with Pats tours:

A Brief History of Lisbon – From the Romans to the Moors to modern day Lisbon

Lisbon in Tiles – A celebration of the unique Azulejos (Glazed Tiles)

Exploring the picturesque neighborhoods of Lisbon

A Taste of Local Culture and all its Delights

Understanding the Age of Discovery and how it changed Portugal and the world

The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 – a groundbreaking change

Dictatorship of Salazar (Estado Novo)

Modern Lisbon (how the city changed in the 20th Century)

The Portuguese Carnation Revolution of 1974

A Taste of Contemporary Lisbon

Historical tours to specific neighborhoods of Lisbon – this a “must-have” service for expats or foreigners looking to move to Lisbon and Portugal.

Prices are on request.