Iceland Arctic Coast Way Hosted Self-Drive

Self drive hosted tour of Iceland  

Explore the Arctic Coast Way in Iceland

This is self-drive tour, for laid back traveler, who likes to go on their own pace. However, you are never on your own since we have hosts on standby to assist you with questions, take care of transfers, flights and deliver car rental.

What makes this tour unique?

It does not include a full time guide, however it includes experts availabe at all the locations you stay.  The tour is run by Langanes Ferðamannaþjónusta group, which run three hotels and restaurants along the Arctic Coast Way in North Iceland.  North Iceland is unique in many ways.  It is the largest region of Iceland, but only has 35.000 people.  We have the best and freshest fish and most of the fishing villages are located in the north.  Iceland´s biggest export is still fish.  It is off the beaten track.  Most visitors to Iceland only know the blue lagoon, a few glaciers, and the golden circle, but there is so much more in the north.  Your tours are not guided, you will be on your own, with a rental car, however, you have access 24 hours a day to your experts, which are located at each of your accomodations, and they will put your itinerary together every morning, with activities that you want to do and see, based on your own needs, wishes, and budget.

Day 1    Arrival to Keflavik international Airport / Reykjavik City

On arrival a taxi will take you to Reykjavik.  You will check into Hotel Frón, in a nice central location, where most things of interest in Reykjavik are a short walk away.  You are free to explore Reykjavik and have a nice dinner as you like.

Day 2 and 3  Go North !    Beautiful Langanes Peninusla park and Arctic Tundra

Your flight is early, it departs Reykjavik at 0700am.  You need to be at the airport at 0630.  You will first fly to Akureyri with Icelandair.  Your next flight leaves immediately after you arrive.  You will board this awesome Twin Otter for a very cool flight with great views.   The flight makes one stop in Vopnafjörður and then the next leg is a 10 min flight from Vopnafjörður to Þórshöfn.   Your experts will meet you at the airport, and give you a rental car.   You will stay the next two nights at Sandur Guest House.  Your experts will give you an itinerary based on things that you want to see in the area.  Þórshöfn is a fishing village on the exact opposite side ( 180 degrees ) from Reykjavik.  It is located in the arctic region of Iceland.  It is known for its terrific bird life, and of course Langanes Peninsula.  You can explore museums, birds such as puffins, and visit farms.  It is the one of the most northern towns in Iceland where the sun does not set from Mid May until Mid July.  It stays light outside from the beginning of May until the end of August.  Kayaking, farm visits, horse riding are all available

Day 4 and 5    Geological Wonders and The Diamond Circle

Your next two days will be spent in Kelduhverfi near Ásbygi Canyon in Hotel Skulagarður which has a restaurant.   This area known as the Diamond Circle, just south of the arctic region has Dettifoss ( europes biggest waterfall by volume ) Mývatn Lake, Mývatn Nature baths, numerous other waterfalls and geological wonders such as Krafla volcano and the mid atlantic ridge.  It is also close to Húsavík which is the whale watching capital in the world.  There is a lot of nature to be explored in this beautiful area of Iceland.  There are forests, canyons, waterfalls, active earth ( geologically ) whales, birds.  You need a camera and hiking boots!

Day 6 and 7     Eyjafjörður and Troll Peninsula

The next two days will be spent at Hotel Hjalteyri.  This hotel a in a great location to explore Eyja Fjörd.  It also has a very nice Sauna and Hot tubs.   There is also a great restaurant in town.  Hjalteyri is best known for it´s location and it is an artist community located only 20 minutes outside of Akureyri, the captial of north Iceland.   There are many thigns to do in this area.  There is whale watching in Hjalteyri, natural hot tubs, horse riding, not far, are natural hot tubs, and beautiful scenic fishing villages.

Day 8  Back to Reykjavik

You will fly in the afternoon back to Reykjavik where you will stay in Hotel Frón once again, and get a chance to do things that you missed the first day.

2021 Price from $2,190 USD per person double occupancy based on 2 people traveling together – subject to exact dates and availability.

Your tour includes:

  • 8 nights accomodation with breakfast daily
  • 6 days rental 4X4 car
  • flight from Reykjavik to Þórshöfn
  • flight from Akureyri back to Reykjavik
  • airport transfers to and from Keflavik international airport.


  • Air to Iceland
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunches and dinners (recommendations will be provided)
  • Private guides