The trip was amazing. We had such a fun time and it went really well. Got extremely lucky with the weather. Only two days of bad storms and one with a lil rain in the morning. So glad it worked out for us. Looking back we kind of wished we would of changed up the itinerary to have more nights in Florence and 1 less a piece in Sorrento and Monterosso but that is on us. All the trains and personal drivers went really well. We actually got through customs at Rome and were to the train station almost 2 hours from our reservation. I was under the impression tickets were interchangeable but that’s only if you missed your reservation. It clearly stated that on the app so that was my fault. We actually ended up buying two new tickets and went on to Rome. Stopped there for lunch before we went to Naples. A lot more to do in Rome then train station at the airport!

Sorrento was a really nice town and glad we stayed there as oppose to Positano. A lot more to do in Sorrento and not nearly as hilly. Hotel was nice and easily walkable to anywhere in the city. We actually rented a boat through and drove around the Amalfi coast. That was one of the best things we did. Found several nice restaurants and enjoyed a little relaxation.

Monterosso was great. Hotel really nice and easily walkable to anywhere. Found a new restaurant that just opened in Monterosso that was amazing and had awesome views. Did the hiking trails and got to experience the amazing views and all the villages in the area. Wine tasting was ok. Lots of steps to climb from train station to Corneliga, which was fine for us but others might be too much. Great spot for sunset but wine tasting in Florence a lot better. I understand though that the area is a lot smaller than Tuscany.

Florence was great but wish we could of been there longer. Tour of the David was nice and enjoyed having a smaller group. The wine tasting was really cool and glad we got to do that and experience part of the Tuscany country. Hotel was nice and again easily walkable. The train station on the way out was only a short 10 minute walk so that was a bonus.

Rome was great. Felt good to be back there. Hotel was our favorite of the entire trip. Extremely nice and modern. Easily walkable to anywhere. We missed the Colisseum tour as it appears they did it in the rain anyway. We tried to reschedule but they were going to charge us again so we didn’t do it. No big deal though, that is on us. Vatican tour went well. Only us and another couple so that was nice. Tour guide was very knowledgeable.

We were extremely pleased with how everything was set up. Really easy to follow along and a lot more stress free. I made a list of all the places we ate at to share with anyone that decides to travel to Italy and welcome to share with you for future reference if you like. We can’t thank y’all enough for all the hard work and support that y’all did into setting up this honeymoon. Was a trip for the ages.

clients of Newsome Travel, SC