The experiences that were set up were perfect.  It was the perfect mix of culture and exploration.  The books they provide on the cities and for travel were extremely helpful.   I loved the first 2 hotels.  They were fantastic and great locations.  I was disappointed with the Park Tokyo, especially after the first two hotels.  It was fine.  The rooms were old and not very clean (scuff marks on the wall, bathroom looked dirty).   The kids were booked a room with a view of Tokyo Tower which they could not provide.  It was in a convenient location near 2 train stations which worked out very well.  It also was near where our food tours were.   With the bar set high from our first two locations, it was a little of a let down.  Honestly we were not there to see the hotel though.

You made this entire process so easy and I am very thankful for all of the help.   I didn’t have to do anything but show up.   Thank you.

J. C., Florida