Dear Sophia,

Our family returned back home from Spain, bringing home so much excitement,  beautiful memories and pictures to share with friends and family ! The trip was so well organized by you and Veronia tours company. All details, including transfers, guides arrangements were so well thought in advance. We would not be able to visit Alcazar without well planned reservation. Hotels were very comfortable, all with central location. Even with” not the best luck” for the weather in Madrid, under the pouring rain, we were able to get to all main attractions and visit 3 museums in one “free” day. How can we miss Prada, Reina Sophia and Tis sons ! Tickets and vouchers were delivered, as it was promised to the hotel in time and all guides were prompt and very well educated, not to mention that they were very fluent in English. Our private driver Mr. Gamal El Sawaf did such an awesome job by bringing us from Seville to Granada and gave us lot of valuable advices in terms of local specifics, cousin and shopping. Trip to Ronda was incredible ! My husband and I and our 13 year old son liked Moses, who navigated us through Seville and showed us some hidden gems, related to jewish history and custom wise adjusted the time of the tour. Trains transportation happened to be much less problematic, then we anticipated and trains were comfortable and neat. Everywhere guides were waiting for us ahead of time and made us feel very welcomed! Markus also impressed us with his knowledge of Barcelona and surrounding towns and showed great knowledge of history, art and overall created the great very pleasant atmosphere over the last few days of our trip. We would highly recommend this trip and that particular itinerary to everyone, who would like to enjoy visiting such a beautiful country as Spain in 10 days and learn about its Jewish heritage milestones as well as visit such pearls as Gaudi places, art museums with unique collections of Dali, El Greco, Goya, Velasquez and many more. Thank you very much Sophia for your very professional approach, understanding of our requests and attention to details. Appreciate !