All of our lodgings in Portugal were wonderful. Especially the  Convento Espinheiro outside Evora. It was absolutely luxurious!, beautiful, historic, and the service was incredible. The Hotel Barrio Alto in Lisbon was also amazing. Also with wonderful staff and service. Sintra was the most beautiful town and the Hotel Palacio Seteasis fantastic..what a spot.

As for Morocco. We loved the country. Our accommodations were wonderful. I would warn anyone who signs up for the tent in the desert experience, that it is bare bones, not at all “comfy”, or “harem tent like which is what I envisioned. The tents were wool blankets stretched over a wood frame, with two cots, sandy sheets and one blanket for a very cold and sandy night sleep. The dunes, the camel ride, and the berber meal and entertainment all under a full moon, with no one else staying out there with us, was worth it, however! Also, for the next traveler. Let them know that you cover about twelve hundred miles on this route we took. So the time in the car is considerable.

By Deb & Greg T. CA