Thanks for you and Nik for planning another great trip.

Norway is beautiful. We had some rainy and cloudy days which didn’t stop us.

Our flights on SAS went smoothly. Leaving Norway we waited in line for an hour but that was due to families traveling with large amounts of luggage and shortage of agents. Nik stayed with us the entire time although we told him we were ok. He is the best. We got through security easily.  No horror stories with airports.

From start to finish everything went smoothly. Arriving in Oslo we were tired and were able to get into our room early. Nik chose a magnificent restaurant that was beautiful with a unique menu of 10 courses restaurant Bossanova,  mixing Norwegian and Italian flavors together. Perfect way to end our first night.

Left by train the next morning and it was just what we needed. Enjoyed the scenery along the way.

Arrived in Bergen and Nik got us a beautiful room facing the harbor. We loved it there but even with rain off and on enjoyed the town. It was nice spending two days there

Set off by car the next morning. We stopped to see a wooden Stave Church. We traveled by car and saw beautiful waterfalls and fiords. Especially enjoyed the picturesque town of Skudeneshavn with its white houses with red roofs with beautiful gardens.

Loved all the villages which were unique in their own way. Traveling up in the mountains and looking down on the fiords was breathtaking.  Stopped to see other Stave churches.

All the places we stayed in were interesting and unique in their own way from the beautiful harbor view: in Bergen the old bank,  in Haugesund, the eclectic wooden hotel in the mountains, and the beautiful waterfront room in Kristiansund.

Traveling with Nik is always a pleasure. He took care of every single detail and helped with everything including lugging our luggage upstairs at several hotels. He never lost patience and was willing to stop any place we asked.  Good thing he has a sense of humor because he needed it traveling with Robin and me better known as Laverne and Shirley  😁 We feel fortunate that he agreed to take us on this adventure.

It was fun looking for Stav churches. There are only 28 in Norway and we found 4 of them. We had a wide variety of places and things to see and do from Bergen to Skudeneshaor to see all the beautiful white houses.

Thank you so much for helping put this trip together for us and we are looking forward to next year.

Jenny and Robin, CT