This trip was so unique not only with the things we saw but having Nik as our guide. He is definitely a modern day Renaissance Man.  He is a great chef, entrepreneur, guide, mentor and a friend to many. Nik gave us so many unique experiences that really gave us a glimpse into day to day life in his world. We got to meet some of his friends and share experience with them. Loved sitting down and having coffee with a friend of his who runs a sheep museum, having dinner with a musician friend of his, meeting some of his staff in three places. He also, was very patient and had a good sense of humor.

He planned such a special excursion that wasn’t on our original itinerary.  We hiked five  miles round trip to get the opportunity to look down into a crater of a volcano. We were able to go to a beautiful hot springs lagoon and just relax. He knew we didn’t want to go to crowded places like the Blue Lagoon.

The trip was a nice balance of being active and then some more relaxing days.

It was definitely  a trip that I will always remember.