Abano Terme spa

I recently returned from Grand Abano hotel, Abano Terme.

It was my second visit there.

First time I stayed in November 2016 at Abano Grand Hotel. I came after busy business meeting in Venice and continued to tradeshow in Cannes so I needed to recharge few days somewhere. Abano Grand hotel was just what doctor prescribed. It was only 40 minutes from Piazzale Roma Venice. I thought it was a great location to travelers coming from USA to get over jet lag before cruise in Venice or start your busy vacation in Venice. Second time I indulged in few days of relaxation after busy business trip to Venice.

Deluxe Panorama room at Abano Terme

The Abano Grand Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel in Abano Terme. It is the top hotel in the Borile Group, the company also has other 4 hotels in the same town, vary from 5 to 4S* . Other 5* hotel from the same group are Grand Hotel Trieste and Victoria and Terme Due Torri. The company also has two 4S* hotels, Metropole and La Residence – IdroKinesis. (Note: 4S is 4* superior).

The entrance was indeed grand, and lobby was warm, spacious and inviting. My room was deluxe panorama view, very spacious and with balcony overlooked beautiful garden with tropical and olive trees and view of Abano Terme town. It is right in the center.

The room was elegantly furnished with Louis XV period furniture, and it had nice marble bathroom with shower and bath. I noticed though old fashioned hair dryer on the wall. However, in the closet there was contemporary good quality hair dryer so I would recommend to remove old hair dryers.

I went for orientation meeting with doctor (not sure if I need it, but it is part of the hotel’s policy). She suggested mud treatments and facial for my skin but I just opted for mud.

I chose full board – included all 3 meals which probably was smart decision. I took a walk in the town and did not find any interesting restaurants. Maybe it was off season. I like good food so I was somewhat comprehensive if I will get bored with eating in the same restaurant. The first lunch I was hooked. They had an interesting a la carte menu plus it was big enough selection of salads and hors d’ovreus as buffet. On Saturday there was a grand buffet which even I who is not a fan of buffets, was impressed.

Previous time I was there, I was traveling alone. Placed me in the “section “ of solo travelers table for one, private but close enough to have small conversation. I noticed old lady who was with walker and the staff was helping her walk and bring food from buffet. I commented about it to my next table neighbor French lady and she said that old lady is coming here for 30 years! The French lady herself was here 9th time. I can definitely come back. The Maitre D entertained me and showed few other rooms for private dining.

I explored pools. The hotel has 3 interconnecting pools – 1 indoor and 2 outdoor. The temperature was very comfortable, and it was a treat to be outside in cold weather in December. Pools had underwater currents and soothing massage jets. The grounds were very well maintained and even in grim cloudy weather, I enjoyed surroundings.

Spa water is coming from the Lessini Mountains in Venetians pre-Alps. It is classified as hyper thermal and rich in bromide and iodide salts. Its specific chemical composition is an essential part of the muscle-relaxing, painkilling effects that are felt even after a brief soak. This is the water found in the pools and spa tubs: it is used for inhalation and aerosol therapies and it is also the basic ingredient in hotel’s exclusive cosmetic line, Thermal Shine.

The clay is taken from a small lake in Arqua Petrarca, in the Euganean Hills. It is clay rich in silicon, making it perfect for mud therapy. The clay is cured in spa water, which enriches it, adding anti-inflammatory properties to the specific qualities, but without any contraindications because the origin is completely natural.

The spa water transforms the clay into spa mud: this is biothermal clay. The high amount of sodium, chlorine and nitrogen in the water is precious for curing the spa muds. The clay is left to soak in the spa water at a temperature of about 86 degrees for 60 days. During this curing period, the spa water releases microorganisms that produce the active ingredients with such great anti-inflammatory properties.

In the room you will find flip flops for pool, 2 pairs of slippers per person (for water and treatments), 2 robes – for water and spa activities and towels for a pool. Mud treatment was very pleasant and I felt myself very relaxed and rested.

In the pool area, they have Kneipp station where you walk through the sequence of cold and hotel water with massaging jets. Great for circulation. There is a Anti-aging spa Venezia. The inspiration for this project was the desire to build a spa that would recreate the sensations and beauty that a guest experiences when visiting Venice. The names of the spa areas also recall these places: guests enter the Clay Field (Campo d’Argilla), proceed to the Cold Alley (Calle del Freddo), on to the Steam Courtyard (Corte del Vapore) and finally relax in the Sauna Island (Isola della Sauna). Moving from one area in spa to another transforms the guest into charming areas of Venice.

Last time I visited Padova, 15 min away from Abano Terme, it is a charming university town, with the historical centre boasting a wealth of medieval, renaissance and modern architecture. I saw Cappella degli Scrovegni with worldwide famous Chapel with Giotto’s frescoes and visited Synagogue of Padova. That was a very pleasant day. Verona and Treviso are also nearby.

This time I did not wanted to leave resort. I took some walks in town and inspected nearby 5* Victoria and Trieste White spa.

Same philosophy for wellness but different decor. It also boasts large historic park with 4 large spa pools, named after precious gemstones, where you can enjoy hydro bike, whirlpool massage full-body massage jets. There is also the brand new Turquoise pool with water jets, waterfalls, hydro massage beds, and thermal water shower. The spa there is called White and it is completely White decor, symbolizing purity.

Staff was fantastic and service was excellent. I was not feeling well for one day and they sent me food to the room followed diet recommended by doctor. It was a good place to get ill and recover 🙂 .

The hallways are wide, treatment rooms are very large, and I can see why it is called Grand.

It is a good stop to spend a week or even few nights before and after trip to busy Venice or for cruise passengers. It is good to recuperate from jet lag from overseas travelers. Hotel is only 45 minutes from Venice airport.

Clientele is consists of multi-generational families, couples and single ladies or men. In Europe, unlike like in USA, men like spa treatments which helps them to heal injuries, anti-inflammation and release tight muscles. Nearby there are golf courses so it makes popular for golfers as well. Majority of clients come from Germany, Italy (especially on weekends) and Russia followed by some European and Americans.

I highly recommend to visit it to experience high quality European spa combined with cultural explorations nearby.