Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia private tour

Private tour Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii, Russian Far East

This is a sample itinerary for cruise passengers

Arrival 8am .

Please note – it might take some time for larger ships to clear customs.

We will have a guide and driver waiting for you at 9am with your name on the sign.

Please check a day before with the cruise ship if there are expected longer disembarkation and advise your local guide by text or phone call to move tour an hour earlier.

The guide will take you for a city-tour where you will be able to visit a number of historical and cultural monuments around downtown and around the city.

Enjoy stunning panoramas of the Avacha Bay and its environs from the Petrovskaya Hill.

The City, which is only 270 years old, has already had an exciting and diverse history. Besides monuments the guests will visit the most eastern cathedral in Russia – it was built just several years ago, but this place will give you an idea what orthodox culture is.

Your guide will tell you about history of Kamchatka region, explorers and expeditions, native people and their culture, soviet period and post soviet period of Russian and how that effected Kamchatka and people, the guide will give you the information about geology and wildlife of the region.

Kamchatka is a famous fishing area, Fishing is the mail industry of Kamchatka which bring a major income to local budget, lots of tourist fishmen coming to Kamchatka during the season to catch the trophy. So the guests will be taken to a fish market where they can see and what is important  – taste smoked salmon. And of course the guests will be taken to souvenir shop to buy a little present or at list a good memory about Kamchatka.

Time for lunch (not included).

Continue to Vulkanarium – new museum.

This is an interactive, multimedia, popular science museum that tells about the volcanoes of Kamchatka and the World, impresses with its visual range and content. Besides rock samples and rich photo-video material, the exposition includes, the unique acting physical models of lava flows that convey the unusual atmosphere of Kamchatka’s natural wonders, provide a modern scientific insight into the phenomena taking place in the unique are 3 halls in the museum

In the first museum hall we tell about Kamchatka volcanoes, volcanic rocks and Kamchatka plants.  There is even “a nature corner” of Kamchatka tundra – a stand with lichens which every visitor can pour himself.  Here it is permitted to touch, smell and listen all the exhibits.

Volcanic lava caveSounds, smell and atmosphere – all of this will carry you into the very heart of a volcano!

In the third hall you will hear about tsunami, earthquakes, ancient peoples of Kamchatka and their relations towards volcanos.   Here you can even knock on an Itelmen tambourine and make a wish with the help of stones!

Optional – if instead of Volcunarium, you can visit open-air Paratunka hot springs.

Return to the ship around 4-4:30pm.

The itinerary is private tour and customized for each client.