Lisbon, Portugal private tours and special experiences

Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais and surroundings, also popular with cruise passengers and pre-post cruise Fado Night “Casa de Linhares” Fado Restaurant …Of course you have already heard about Fado. It’s..

Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais and surroundings, also popular with cruise passengers and pre-post cruise

Fado Night

“Casa de Linhares” Fado Restaurant

…Of course you have already heard about Fado. It’s the national song style of Portugal. Fado means fate and it’s always sung with emotion (when it’s performed by a good singer, which sometimes it’s hard to find). There are of course very good and well-known Portuguese Singers that sing in great events all over the world. But usually you’ll not find them at Fado Restaurants. Please, be careful with the restaurant you choose to listen Fado.

The Portuguese usually say that it’s hard to find a restaurant that has simultaneously these 4 important factors: Good Fado Singers, Good Ambiance, Good Food and Good Service! Believe us: it’s really hard! Mainly because of tourism demand, it’s difficult to have quality and quantity side-by-side.

But, as you may know already, we always look for a personalized and quality experience for you. “Don’t feel as a tourist, feel as a traveler with us”: this sentence well describes our way of work.

So, We’ve found an excellent (we dare to say the best) Fado Restaurant in Lisbon and, we’ll be glad to escort you to a dinner with Fado show. The name of the Restaurant is: “Casa de Linhares” and you can know them here.

Tour Duration: 4 hours

Casino Estoril by Night

Private Tour


This tour offers you a nocturnal perspective of Estoril Coast, along the seaside road towards Estoril’s Casino and its illuminated gardens. At the Casino, you’ll have the opportunity to have a wonderful dinner with an entertainment show (if you wish you can also attend the show only). It’ll be a magical night!

Duration: 4 hours, pick-up starting at 21h00m (From Tuesday to Sunday)

Lisbon by Night

Private Tour

Jerónimos Monastery and Monument to the Discoveries


For those who consider the night inspiring and romantic, a visit to Lisbon by night will increase that feeling. We will do a panoramic tour in our vehicle, driving by the most important monuments and places of nocturnal interest. We will include a visit to “Parque das Nações” (Nations Park), where the world exposition – EXPO98 – took place. The Nations Park constitutes today the most modern part of Lisbon, with new buildings, gardens, restaurants and places of nightlife interest. If the weather allows it, there is always the possibility of going for a walk there.

Remember that, like in every exclusive tour, you can always suggest any change to the program or a visit to a place of your interest.

Duration: 2h30m

Rossio and Nations Park

Bird Watching in Portugal

Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea)

Birdwatching is a healthy activity that allows everyone to know more about the nature of our world and to discover the deep countryside of each country. That is why day after day, more and more people join this activity and become real fans of “ornithology”.

Portugal offers excellent conditions for the practice of birdwatching and that is why Tours For You organizes some ornithological tours, keeping in mind different levels of knowledge…from the starter and “apprentice” to…the great field expert. And this is possible due to our team of experienced guides, who make us proud for their solid scientific knowledge with broad field experience (you can learn about their profile just below).

We have many proposals to offer you, from the full-day to the overnight tour, where we can also include the accommodation (charming or rural) and other services. You can even do a Portugal Overnight Tour, including birdwatching in your program. That’s right: a tailor-made tour is always possible with Tours For You, even if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our proposals below.

Through the hidden steps of Lisbon’s traditions

“The Genuine Lisbon”

Full-day Private Tour


This full day tour was made thinking on providing you the experience of feeling like a local in Lisbon. Our guide will take you to several places that you wouldn’t find on your own.

Lisbon is a very old city, colonized by many civilizations along the centuries: Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and it became Christian in 1147 after a four month siege to the Castle.

We’ll start this day by picking you up at your hotel and heading to the area of Belém. This section is linked with the heroic deeds of the Portuguese maritime exploration, in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was the Age of Discoveries and the Golden Era of Portugal, transforming Lisbon into the opulent centre of a vast empire. Part of the wealth from these expeditions was used to build magnificent monuments in a unique Portuguese style: the extravagant Manueline decorative style. We’ll stop at the Tower of Belém and the Monument to the Discoveries, two symbols of Lisbon’s glory, as well as Jerónimos Monastery. A stop at the famous pastry shop “Pastéis de Belém” (working since 1837) will be a great opportunity to taste the local pastries under the same name, together with some tea or coffee.

The tour proceeds to Lisbon’s Downtown, the so-called “Baixa”, from where we’ll take a 19th century tram ride to discover the ancient neighborhoods of the historic centre. Afterwards, it’ll be lunch time and our guide will take you to a local restaurant where you’ll have the chance to sample some of the Portuguese cuisine. Our suggestions for lunch (not included)…

Restaurant “Terreiro do Paço”, Located in the heart of Lisbon, on a square facing the river it is «a landmark restaurant for Portuguese cuisine in one of the most amazing squares in the world». It occupies part of the area where the former Royal Palace was before being destroyed by the 1755 earthquake.  Restaurant website:

Restaurant “Nicola”, is the ideal place for a more quick and light meal. Located in the very heart of Lisbon, the Rossio, it was once the meeting point for writers and poets (one of them, Bocage, became the image of the coffee brand under the restaurant’s name). It is still today a reference amongst the locals and a touristic attraction too.

After enjoying your meal, it’s time to walk to one of the most fashionable sections of the city. The cosmopolitan Chiado is a commercial and cultural centre. A great variety of shops and cafeterias gather people during the day, while theatres, bars and restaurants are busy in the evening. Our guide will take you to Solar do Vinho do Porto for a Port wine tasting. Inaugurated in 1946, the Solar do Vinho do Porto has a privileged location, in one of the most noble districts and neighborhoods of Lisbon. On its bar, welcoming and distinct, the visitors can taste the Port Wine. This is a way of enjoying one of richest national heritages.

Still in Chiado, we’ll find a very unique shop where the ancient Portuguese manufactured products are on display for sale: the most beautiful items for the kitchen, bathroom and office, namely olive oil, tea and coffee boxes and bottles, soaps, pencils, ceramics and other unique utensils. Outside this shop you’ll hardly find any of these items! (you can learn more about this shop here:

We will then visit St. George Castle, including its surrounding quarter. This section of Lisbon has kept its tradition of a small village within a big city, as everybody knows each other. You’ll have the same feeling in Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest quarter, where we will end our visit. The name itself comes from the Arabic “Al-hamma” meaning fountains or baths. Indeed, we can still find several fountains.

After you’ll have seen and try the best experiences in Lisbon, our guide will drive you back to your hotel.

Duration: 8 hours

Tour Schedule: 9h30 – 17h30 (indicative only and adaptable)

Jeep Tour to Sintra and Estoril Coast

“An adventure in the Sintra mountain”

Full-day Private Tour


This tour matches culture and history with adventure. You’ll visit one of the nicest areas around Lisbon, the mountain range of Sintra, on an off-road vehicle. This diversified area is a protected Nature Park combining a coastal area with beaches, cliffs and sandy dunes with an agricultural area and lush forest.

Our guide will pick you up at your hotel (or cruise port) and the tour starts driving to the mountain range of Sintra. As soon as you get out of the main road you’ll be dazzled by the mountain, its exuberant vegetation and the very special micro climate. The high humidity provides an extraordinary Flora. Some stops on nice viewpoints will give you the chance to enjoy this marvelous area. Part of the mountain is classified a protected Nature Park and part of this area (together with the historic centre of Sintra) is included in the list of UNESCO World  Heritage sites.

A stop in the historic centre of Sintra will give you the chance to have some time hanging around the small town centre, among the old chalets and all the commercial spots, exhibiting some of the most interesting handicrafts. Our guide can take you to one of the well-know pastry shops to try the well-known Travesseiros (“Pillow cases”) and Queijadas, two kinds of local delicious pastries you’ll remember forever.

We’ll then head, through a road surrounded by beautiful nature, towards Peninha. This hermitage from the 17th century is located at the top of a hill from where the views over the Atlantic. Here we’ll have a delicious picnic.

NOTE: In case of bad weather conditions, picnic will be replaced by a lunch at a traditional local restaurant.(Picnic or lunch included)

Afterwards, we’ll visit the unusually small Capuchos Convent. Also known as the “cork convent”, this 16th century complex was built in an isolated and inhospitable place. Its cells and other dependences are lined with cork which prevented the humble Franciscan monks from humidity.

In the afternoon, we’ll proceed to Cabo da Roca, passing by the Nature Park. This is the westernmost point of mainland Europe and a place of great beauty. On our way to Cascais, well pass by the windy Guincho beach before the visit to this picturesque and charming fishing town of Cascais, where we’ll do a short walk through its animated centre.

We’ll take the coastal road of Estoril towards Lisbon, one of the most beautiful itineraries of Lisbon surroundings.

Duration: 7 hours

Prices are on request. Please contact us to design a private itinerary in Lisbon and Portugal!