Grand Tour of Albania As the descriptive name indicates this is the most comprehensive tour of the country, a must for anyone that really wants to take the time to explore..

Grand Tour of Albania

As the descriptive name indicates this is the most comprehensive tour of the country, a must for anyone that really wants to take the time to explore Albania more in depth. Our Grand Tour of Albania is a combination of the most important and striking elements from all of the tours below giving the traveller a wealth of knowledge and experience. On this tour you will be taken from North to South, from West to East exploring some of the most fascinating places and authentic traditions. This tour last 10-11 days. Visits include:

Tirana – Kruja – Shkodra – Durres – Elbasan – Pogradec – Korca – Voskopoja – Gjirokastra – Saranda (Butrint) – Albanian Riviera – Vlora – Apollonia – Berat – Tirane.

Albania’s ancient treasures

Albania is a land situated in the Balkans, in the cross roads between West and East Europe. Furthermore, having neighboured two of the most powerful ancient civilisations, Greek and Roman, it is a country rich in antiquity. It holds within many ancient cities, ruins and treasures that are finally ready to be fully explores by archaeology enthusiasts from around the world. Through one of these specialist tours you will be acquainted with the following:

National Archaeological Museum – Kruja Fortress – Berat Fortress – Onufri Museum – Ancient Bylis – Gjirokastra Castle – Ancient Foenice – Famous Buthrotum – Orichum – Ancient Apollonia – Durres Amphitheatre – Archaeological Museum.

Albania & Macedonia in 10 Days

This is a comprehensive tour of the Central and Southern part of Albania and the major tourist towns and sites in Macedonia. In composing this tour we have taken into consideration that the tour should not exceed the necessary time needed for such a visit. This makes it one of the better tours to acquaint you with the two neighbouring countries in the shortest way while keeping you really interested in the many beautiful things we will visit. However with all the fascinating visits that are part of this tour we hope to enhance your interest in visiting these countries in more in depth in the future as they have much to offer in culture, history and natural beauties. On this tour we will visit the following sites in each country:

In Albania: Tirana – Kruja – Durres – Apollonia – Ardenica – Vlora – Saranda – Berat – Gjirokastra – Korca -Voskopoja – Pogradec – Elbasan – Tirana.

In Macedonia : Ohrid – Prespa – Struga

Nature and adventure tours

Many travellers and writers admit that, Albania offers some of the most spectacular natural beauties in Europe. However what makes it even more extraordinary is the fact that within such a small territory you will be able to experience a wide variety of nature elements. Albania Holidays offers you the possibility to visit stunning mountains, amazing canyons, green valleys, crystal lakes & rivers, and deserted beaches. Some of the most remarkable places you can explore with us are:

Dajti Natural Park – Kune Lagoon Lezha – Lake Shkodra – The Albanian Alps – Thethi – Razma –Fierza- Lake Ohrid – Voskopoja – Permet – Gjirokastra – Blue Eye – Butrint Natural Park –Llogara National Park – Narta Lagoon.

Albania’s Religious Legacy

Albania is one of the few places in the world where true inter-faith harmony exists. It is not something that came about in recent history but rather something that has existed for centuries. Through these tours we aim to present the religious monuments that still exist in different regions of Albania with their architectural and spiritual values. In some cases they represent an important testimony of faiths co-exiting side by side. Be part of a unique tour and visit:

Ethem Bej Mosque – St.Paul Cathedral,- Orthidox Church of St. Prokop, – Shkodra Churches & Mosques – Durres Old Basilica – Ardenica Monastery – Berat Churches, Mosques and Tekke – Onufri Icon Museum – Korca Churches & Mosques – Voskopoja’s Famous Churches

If you are interested in one of these tours or would like us to compose a specific Albanian tour program based on your requirement, we would be pleased to offer you our expert advise and professional assistance.