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Why Africa?

People come to Africa for animals, Fall in love with landscape, They return for the people…

When I went to Africa, I thought, I am not that excited to watch animals for a week.. I will see Big 5, check it off my list to explore. After all, I cannot recommend destination to client unless I’ve experienced it. I went. I experienced unrivaled hospitality from local people. In Africa, you are not just a tourist (although valuable tourist), you are their special guest.

I thought I would be bored on safari after seeing big 5. Wrong! With help of excellent guides, I got caught up in excitement of safari. There is so much going on, and such drama every day!  You never know what you will see. Unlike in other parts of the world, you go to museum, you know what you will see and what time. Not on safari. But that’s what makes it so exciting. Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular. It is unreal quietness there… Travelers bond very quickly that’s why it is easy for people to make new friends, even, like myself you travel alone.

In the evening you sit by the fire with new friends – tourists and locals from the lodge and recap your daily experience. Then you retire in your luxury tent (in the dark you are being walked, because remember, animals are free, people are in their property) and rest with anticipation what tomorrow will bring.

Africa is so diverse, Wilderness Safaris can be managed in 10 countries and includes multiple ecosystems and the animals that call them home. Okavango Delta was amazing starting from small plane ride, and “traffic controller” at air strip chasing giraffe off the landing lane.

If you are looking for a wine experience, exotic beach location with fishing or snorkeling diving experience, or encounters with mass migrations or just want to see the big 7, we offer all of these  to suit your needs. Each season brings its own spectacular experience and dynamics to unveil a truly life altering adventure.  Temperature and water vibrates in the symphony of life that has resonated throughout history.

Now you can decide whether you want to see the mass Wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, see the Ngoro crater, and witness the Kilimanjaro Mountain. A side trip to the Congo may be in your wish list if you are in good shape and lucky enough to get one of the very limited passes to visit the elusive and endangered Mountain Gorilla in their natural habitat. Go on a boat ride in the Zambezi River, witness the power and might of Victoria Falls.  Or fly to Botswana and see for yourself the life ballet that is the Okavango Delta.

South Africa has its National Wildlife preserves as well; either public Kruger National Wildlife Preserve or the private game reserves that border on the park.  See Cape Town’s Tabletop Mountain, visit the penguins along its beaches or go on the fabulous wine route along its west coast.

Take a trip to Madagascar and see the unique animals that call this island its home. You can finish off your trip with a stay in beautiful Mozambique.  It has its private islands with beautiful beach front hotels, wonderful fishing, scuba diving or whale watching.

For those of you who asked me about Ebola, the outbreak was in West Africa (not frequented with tourists) and the distance from West Africa to South, East Africa is the same as from New York to Los Angeles!


Luxury South Africa

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Special Places

Grootbos Nature Reserve Forest Lodge

Ellerman House

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Capetown

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